Top Qualities to Look for in a Denver Event Staffing Company

Over the last two decades, Denver has transformed from a growing hub of the American West to an international cosmopolitan destination. This distinction makes the Mile High City an incredibly important location for events such as trade shows, festivals, concerts, musicals and just about every touring act in the Western Hemisphere.

Whether you are looking to hire labor for an event or you are seeking employment as a stagehand — there are a few important features to look for in an event labor staffing company. A viable business in this industry is one that is operated by professionals with considerable experience in every aspect of live event production. Also, fair and sustainable personnel practices should be in place along with awareness of local laws and connections to area resources.

Stagecraft LTD is a Denver event staffing company with 40+ years of collective experience producing live events. This boutique company is known for their proactive, hands-on approach that offers employees the best possible payment scenarios while delivering a world-class experience for clients looking to host a successful event in Denver.

Reach Out to the Experts

Working with a company that is owned and operated by experts in the event production field helps minimize the notion of “Murphy’s Law” — meaning “what can go wrong, will go wrong.” Professionals who understand how to work with tight deadlines, multiple performers, challenging locations and Colorado’s erratic weather can handle most unforeseen situations that may arise. Being fully prepared also brings peace of mind — that’s why Stagecraft LTD is fully covered under five million dollars of General Liability insurance.

Choose  a Company that is “Pro Worker”

When outsourcing labor, the user experience can be largely determined by the mindset of the company personnel. Event staffers who work as W4 employees rather than W9 independent contractors can have a healthier relationship with the supervisors who delegate their tasks and write their paychecks. Back of house (BOH) personnel such as stagehands, event technicians and production assistants working for Stagecraft LTD are company employees — entitled to workmans compensation insurance and several tax benefits. Event staff who are accommodated in this way are more inclined to go the extra mile to make sure an event operates smoothly.

Trust Professionals with Strong Local Ties

When hiring for BOH event labor in Denver, it is important to choose a company with existing ties to local venues, music halls and amphitheatres. These should include the Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA), Red Rocks, Colorado Convention Center, Fillmore Auditorium, Ogden Theater and Bluebird Theater among others. Such relationships can make communication and arrangement of details easy, smooth and effective. A company operating as a labor broker is especially valuable to a promoter who does not wish to navigate the bureaucracy of organizations such as the IATSE (International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees).

If you’re looking for temporary event labor in the Denver area, choose a company operated by experienced professionals who treat their employees well and have working relationships throughout the local event community. Contact Stagecraft LTD for more information about BOH staffing that will help you run a smooth, successful event.